Talent cultivation: as regards talent cultivation model, it adheres to the concept of technology being the No. One productivity and talents as utmost resources to construction various platforms for staffs engaged on technological research and development, providing training opportunities, giving corresponding assistance for study, arousing creativity in scientific research staffs, setting up and working on appraisal mechanism with application research as characteristics an regulations, and implementing motivational polices including maximum incentive to scientific research staffs on patent application, application or scientific research project, declaration for state-level technological center and all other scientific research activities. At the same time, it also organized all sorts of activities on scientific research covering exchange convention, seminar, forum, nonlocal observation and research, training to raise qualities and skills and so forth so that scientific research staffs would ‘go out’, have their horizon widened through technological exchange and communication with industrial elites and forever standing at the frontline of technology. We attempt to forge a dynamic management mechanism of producing more talents at a quicker speed and display potentials of talents to the full. 

As regards cultivation of management staffs, the company would carry out ‘job rotation’ in a scheduled way so that they can get familiar with main responsibilities of different departments and coordination among different departments and get their comprehensive management competence cultivated. Talents can thus have more chances to hunt for their own positioning, discover and give play to their potentials, make creative contributions in the realms and posts they are skilled at and bring out their unique worth. While their management competence grows mature, they would be given new posts and major posts with the company’s gradual development and expansion. At the same time, the company would establish a mechanism on seminar of management issues at regular intervals to ensure that management staffs can revolve on the company’s actual management issues for sharing of discussion and conclusion and for accelerating accumulation of management experience. The company also established the dynamic tracking mechanism to regularly follow, supervise, hold face-to-face interview with and encourage management staffs to march forward for bold and innovative practice, timely sum up issues and deficiencies, and get their knowledge and vision gradually enhanced, their experience accumulated in practice, their wisdom and talent enhanced so that they can become good management talents. 

For fresh graduates, we would implement ‘one-to-one’ work supervision by assigning ‘tutors’ to newly-recruited staffs by the department managers on special supervision so that they can have their adaptability to their posts enhanced and get adjusted to demands of corporate development sooner. Training on professional and non-professional knowledge and skills would be carried out at regular intervals so that they can be assisted to finish their life career coaching, get their fate linked to the company destiny and enable staffs to have a feeling of growth with each passing day.


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