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The Construction Unit Began to Roundly Transform the Existing Plants

Date: 2018-03-08
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In the cold days of winter on January 26, the work site of Ningxia project was at full blast. The construction unit was working day and night to transform the 14000-square meter plant. As it was cold in winter in Ningxia (-15℃), the company offered heating in all the transformed factories so that the temperature would be over 8℃. It was conductive for construction that ensured quality and process of the project. During the construction, the height of the plant rendered it challenging to construct ‘scaffold’ following the routine method with long construction period and long safety coefficient. To address the construction issue, the construction unit figured a way out to use ‘crane’, the unconventional means, on construction of roof of the plant and hence got the schedule of the whole construction process quickened.

Before the Spring Festival, it completed spraying of coating and emulsion varnish on the roof and wall, finished half of 1-4-shaft concrete pouring on the ground and pulled off binding at the under layer of ground bar-mat reinforcement slice. It finished half of binding of ground and base reinforcing steel bars. It completed excavation of cable duct of kiln room and its control room and excavation of foundation pit of the holder. Installation of underground pile in kiln control room, air compressor and dehumidification room was done. Reinforcing steel bar of the ground bar-mat reinforcement slice in the intermediary warehouse and raw material warehouse was processed and delivered to the right place. The 315-KVA power outer net was connected to the transformer in the factory. Al helped win time for concrete curing during the Spring Festival. On January 8 of lunar calendar, the construction unit still worked extra hours on construction on the site. It worked at full stream and made endeavor to propel schedule of the project.

With unity and solidarity, we would sure seize the final triumph on time with scheduled quality and quantity so that we can present a big gift to the 60th anniversary of the autonomous region with our graphene project. 

施工单位开始全面进场对现有厂房改造施工               施工单位开始全面进场对现有厂房改造施工

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2018 - 03 - 08
The sharp increase of cobalt price compels battery enterprises to consider new materials. Nickelic becomes evolutionary direction of power battery.原材料涨价尤其是钴价大幅飙升,已成为动力电池生产厂家不可承受之重。1月22日,全球最大的基本金属及其它金属的期货、期权市场——伦敦金属交易所,挂牌出售的现货金属钴价格为80000美元/吨,而在2017年初这一价格为32500美元/吨,仅过一年,钴价大涨近150%,令业界咂舌。当前新能源汽车的动力电池普遍采用三元材料,即正极材料为镍、钴、锰组成,其中钴必不可少,起到稳定材料层状结构、提高材料循环和倍率性能的作用。高镍电池成未来方向采访中,记者了解到,为解决原材料成本快速上涨问题,推广具有更高能量密度的高...
2018 - 03 - 08
It is difficult to resist deep integration behind the fast production expansion of power battery.近几年新能源已经成为资本的的重要流向,动力电池行业的市场增长空间及发展机遇亦被视作风口之一。而在动力电池市场频频迎来回暖季的同时,随着消费市场对高性能、高品质、高性价比动力电池需求的提升,提高动力电池的智能制造水平成为我国动力电池发展的关键任务。从十五到十三五,新能源汽车逐步走向快速发展的道路。而有多少新能源汽车,就会有多少驱动它的动力电池。我国新能源汽车市场持续扩张之时,作为新能源汽车“心脏”的动力电池正站在风口之上。在新能源电动车热的带动下,电池也成为热点投资目标。在刚过去的一年里,动力电池行业投资依然火爆。据不完全统计,2017年我国新能源汽车动力电池总配套量超370亿瓦时,再次成为全球最大的...
2018 - 03 - 08
As one of the new materials with most application prospects in the 21st century, graphene is an epoch-making innovation covering global material science. Introduction and implementation of cathode modified ternary material and the precursor project marks concrete practice of the municipal commission and the government to thoroughly put into effect the spirits of the 12th&#...
2018 - 03 - 08
Four ministries and commissions issue new energy automobile subsidy policy adjustment program in 2018.农历新年来临之际,期待多时的新能源汽车补贴政策调整方案终于"靴子落地"。2月13日,财政部、工信部、科技部、发改委四部委发布了“关于调整完善新能源汽车推广应用财政补贴政策的通知 ”,明确2018年国家相关部门将从提高技术门槛要求、完善补贴标准、分类调整运营里程要求等方面进行调整新能源汽车补贴政策。具体来看,2018年新的新能源汽车补贴政策做出了以下调整:一是,对非个人购买新能源汽车申请财政补贴的运营里程要求从“3万公里”调整为“2万公里”。同时,车辆销售上牌后将按申请拨付一部分补贴资金,达到运营里程要求后全部拨付,补贴标准和技术要求按照车辆获得行驶证年度执行。二是,破除...
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