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Yinchuan Municipal Government Held Special Meetings on Report Concerning Process of Graphene Project

Date: 2018-03-08
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On January 29, 2018, Yinchuan Municipal Party Committee held a theme meeting. It was chaired by Jiang Zhigang, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Yinchuan. Zhou Daqiao and relevant principals attended the meeting. In the meeting, principal of our company delivered detailed report to Secretary Jiang on the schedule of cathode project and work supported in need. Secretary Jiang emphasized that we should leap at the opportunity, deepen cooperation, quicken construction of cathode project, vigorously develop the strategic emerging industry, extend the industrial chain, realize conversion from material revolution to energy revolution and foster new economic growth pole. Yang Yujing, Mayor of Yang Yujing, attended the meeting and presented requirements on the work.

As the thinnest novel nanomaterial with highest intensity, best flexibility and most potent conductive, heat conduction and photovoltaic attribute hitherto discovered, cathode is deemed as ‘king of new material’. Graphene ternary anode material and conduction slurry compose the core materials of power battery that would be directly correlated with performance of the power battery. By keeping a close eye on the frontline of international new material industry, our company is seizing on the opportunity to propel development of cathode industry. In September, 2017, Management Committee of Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Tianjin Yuhanyao Graphene Energy Storage Materials Technology Co., Ltd. signed the investment agreement on cathode ternary anode materials and electroconduction slurry project. By relying on the latest research and development results of Beijing Research Institute of Graphene Technologies under Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials in ACAE, it mainly researches, develops and implements graphene modified anode materials with an annual output of 30,000 tons, the industrialized project of 10000-ton cathode modified electroconduction slurry, as well as recycle and reuse project of 30,000-ton cathode modified ternary material precursor and wasted lithium battery. 

After signing of the cooperation agreement, Yinchuan Development Zone would closely work with Hanyao Graphene Storage Material Technologies Co., Ltd. by arranging work schedules, clarifying assignments for time nodes and going to great lengths to propel the project. It is known that by January 20 this year, the construction unit had commenced the construction with schedule of bringing pilot plant test device and detection devices to the site by the end of February, bringing electrified furnace and other production devices to the site in middle April and completing installation of the first phase of ternary anode material by the late June. To date, the company has completed order subscription of devices and apparatuses worthy of 500 million Yuan.

According to Secretary Jiang, graphene, known as ‘king of new material’, has broad marketing prospect and huge development potential. The graphene project is a major strategic industry project introduced by Yinchuan. We should leap at the chance, deepen cooperation with Beijing Research Institute of Graphene Technologies under Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials in ACAE and Hanyao Graphene Storage Material Technologies Co., Ltd., quicken implementation of ‘innovation-driven’ strategies and vigorously develop new material industry. All responsible units should make active plans, deepen research on application orientation of energy Storage materials, vigorously introduce implementation of relevant industries and realize full industrial-chain development. We should provide qualified services, create a sound environment, propel implementation of project construction with Yinchuan speed and efficiency and attempt to complete the input sooner so that we can drive forth industrial upgrading and development in Yinchuan and become a new economic growth pole in Yinchuan. 

 银川市政府召开专门会议,听取石墨烯项目进展工作汇报            银川市政府召开专门会议,听取石墨烯项目进展工作汇报


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