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GGII: TOP 20 battery energy capacity enterprises of new energy passenger car of 2017GGII发布的《新能源汽车产业链数据库》统计显示,2017年我国新能源客车电池装机总电量约14.31GWh,同比下降10%。其中,装机总电量前二十动力电池企业合计达14.08GWh,占整体的98%。
Pubtime: 2018 - 03 - 08
At 10:00 a.m. on November 14, 2017, Tianjin Yuhanyao Graphene Energy Storage Materials Technology Co., Ltd. held the designing, modeling and review meeting on industrialized project of applying cathode lithium ion battery ternary materials by power battery and high-end 3C electronic engineering. Zhou Daqiao, the General Manager, Gao Changmin, assistant to the General Manager, Zheng Li, deputy director of the Department of Finance, Zhang Ning, Manager of the Department of Project Technologies, Wang Yuhui, Director Engineer, Wu Suyong, Research and Development Engineer as well as ...
Pubtime: 2018 - 03 - 08
Graphene might be a new material showing highest frequency of presence and highest frequency to be browsed on line. With unique 2-D structure, outstanding performance and various potential application value, it is a hot spot researched by the material field in recent years. In the Power Technology Magazine, Li Jing interviewed Zhou Daqiao, General Manager of our Company.Manager Zhou graduated from Nankai University major in inorganic chemistry. After undertaking and taking responsibility for construction and operation of several projects, he has years-long experie...
Pubtime: 2018 - 03 - 08
Report of Chinese Power Battery Industrial Development of 2017 analyzes price, production capacity and market pattern.回顾2017年国内动力电池市场格局,可以得出这样的结论:电池企业利润被不断压缩,整体产能过剩已成定局。被压缩的利润动力电池是新能源车核心部件,成本占整车的40%。GGII数据显示,2017年中国动力电池四大关键材料(正负极材料、隔膜、电解液)产值610亿元,同比增长62%。正极材料产值占比最大,达71.5%。其中,正极材料产值增幅最大,主要系2017年电解钴涨幅超过100%,碳酸锂价格涨幅超过30%,使正极材料价格大幅上涨。数据来源:鑫椤投资、光大证券研究所;分析制表:第一电动研究院电解液:四大材料中唯一一个产值出现下滑材料,因为其主要原材料六氟磷酸锂价格从2017年年初35万/吨一路下跌至15万/吨,使电解液的价格从7.5~8.5万/吨下降至4~6万/吨。数据来源:鑫椤投资、光大证券研究所;分析制表:第一电动研究院正极材料:占电池总成本的30%~40%,其性能直接决定了动力锂电池容量上限,是产业链的核心部分,其价格走势的影响最大。近两年,三元正极价格仍在高位,磷酸铁锂正极有一定下降。未来随着高能量密度的要求,三元电池占比不会降,这意味着正极材料的价...
Pubtime: 2018 - 03 - 08
To implement spirits of the Central Economic Meeting and to drive forth high-quality development of Dongli Development Zone with new and high technology, the delegation of Song Lifu, Secretary of Working Committee in the Development Zone, came over to our company for observation and conducted exchange with Zhou Daqiao, the General Manager, and the staffs for scientific research.According to Song, the working committee in the Development Zone would combine with conditions gleaned from this investigation to constantly elevate service level of new and high-tech industry, put i...
Pubtime: 2018 - 03 - 08
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