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Company introduction: Tianjin Yuhanyao Graphene Energy Storage Materials Technology Co., Ltd. was initiated and founded by Shenzhen Qianhai New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. in 2017. It is specialized at research, development, manufacturing and sales of graphene battery anode material. Its early-stage technology mainly relies upon graphene energy storage material technology in AECC.

Located in Dongli Economic and Technological Development Zone of Tianjin, the Company schedules to input around 180 million Yuan to construct the model assembly line and research and development center for power battery and high-end 3C electronic lithium ion battery anode materials with an annual output of 3000 tons. In the commensurate period, it is to invest 4 billion Yuan in Yinchuan of Ningxia to build a production base of graphene modified ternary anode material with an annual output of 30000 tons and of graphene modified electroconduction slurry with an annual output of 10000 tons. In the late stages, it will build supporting assembly lines of precursor and corresponding assembly lines for recovery and disposal of wasted lithium ion batteries so as to have a green and environmental looped system of lithium ion battery anode material industry can take form.

By forever sticking to putting customers’ demands as the highest embodiment of values and independent research and development as the core impetus, the company takes quality management as its foundation for survival, establishes qualified sales channels, forges high-end brand advantages and establishes strategic partnership with customers (notably big customers) on a long-term basis and attempts to grow into a supplier of raw material first considered by lithium ion battery plants, forever dedicate ourselves to contributing the most advanced green new-energy material to the word and make unremitting efforts to create a brighter living prospect to mankind.

Company belief: to build a green and recycled high-tech company dominated by research, development, production and sales of power battery and high-end 3C electronic lithium power anode materials 

Company quality policy: make incessant innovation by taking root on energy, take the lead in the industry and satisfy the users 

Company vision: to knock into Top 3 places for suppliers of lithium ion anode materials in the country 


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